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Holiday Absence


The Welsh Government expects every pupil to achieve a minimum of 95% attendance throughout an academic year. To achieve this, pupils would need to have no more than 10 days off throughout the academic year. We have set ourselves a target as a whole school to achieve 94% this academic year and really need your help to hit that target!


School Holidays

At Ysgol Y Bryn we fully appreciate and understand the temptation to book holidays during school term time instead of school holiday time due to the difference in cost. Although we strongly believe it is imperative that pupils are in school as often as they possibly can to ensure they grow socially, emotionally and academically to achieve the best of their ability, we also understand the benefit quality family time can bring and the positive effect it can have on pupil’s social and emotional wellbeing. 


As a result we will support any school holidays as long as it doesn’t result in a pupils attendance falling below 95%. For example, if your child has 97% attendance and you request a holiday that requires 10 school days off, we would authorise 4 days of the holiday and 6 days would be unauthorised, as the 6 days would take the attendance below 95%. This would result in the 6 days being unauthorised absence on the system.


We understand that it is impossible to predict when your child may be unwell or need time off for different reasons, however we would encourage that if you know you will be going on holiday during school term time that every effort is made to ensure the best possible attendance throughout the school year.

Holiday Absence Request Form