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Concerning Social Media Rumours

Dear parents/carers,


We have been made aware of two concerning rumours circulating on Social Media sites - Tik Tok and Facebook that we ask you to be aware of and extra vigilant to protect our young children. Please visit for links to online support for parents in managing Online Safety at home.


Tik Tok:

Yesterday, Newsweek reported that TikTok users were warning each other that a group of men had been discussing the 24th of April as a national day of carrying out rape and sexual assault.


This worrying online trend was reportedly started by a group of up to six men who claimed that all sexual assault was legal on this day, while encouraging their followers to commit these crimes.


Several other news outlets have begun to report on the story and many TikTok users have responded by producing videos to warn and advise others to be vigilant on the day. These are currently rumours, but it's reported that it is likely our children will see posts, comments, videos and pictures relating to this and we kindly ask parents to have these conversations with your children to identify if any of our children in Bryn are aware of this and that they know this would never be a true situation.



We have also been made aware that Police are currently working on identifying the admin/founder of a Facebook group called Small Butterfly. South Wales Police have identified a number of live chats where children aged 12 -17 years have contacted SWP Victim Support to have their final conversations before they commit suicide.  From these transcripts, South Wales Police have identified that these girls were invited to the Facebook/Messenger private group called Small Butterfly and were ‘supported’ by the group for a short period of time before being given their date for their ‘big day’ - ‘big day’ means the day they need to take their own life.


Two very concerning trends online, at a time where our children have spent more time on devices as a result of lockdowns.


If at any point you feel you need support in managing online safety and useful tips, please feel free to get in touch with your child's class teacher and they will direct you to support and tips we use with the children in school.


Best wishes,

Stephen Thomas