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Face Coverings and Reminder about arrival at school

Dear parents/carers,

As a result of Mr Mark Drakeford's announcement on Friday in regards to face coverings. Please prepare your children that on their arrival to school from tomorrow, they may see their teachers and other staff wearing face coverings, masks and shields and that this is nothing for them to worry or be concerned about.

It is crucial we take every step possible as a school to protect our staff and ensure they are protected from the virus and remain as fit and well as possible to be able to attend school regularly, ensuring pupils have their teachers for their lessons.

On another note, we are very happy with the sign in and sign out process each day and this became quicker and smoother as the week progressed last week. Thank you for your help in making this happen. May I kindly remind all visitors to school site of the following:

1. Please arrive in the time slot you have been provided. This ensures less pedestrians on site and makes social distancing easier to maintain. You will be asked to wait if you arrive earlier than the time slot provided.
2. Please ensure only one parent/carer or family member drops off or collects each day (younger siblings can accompany the one person).
3. No vehicles are to drive on school site during the drop off or collection times each day, apart from the parents of our disabled pupils. If you are a disabled user, please contact us, as we have made alternative arrangements to support some our disabled users and can do so for you too.
4. Please follow the one way system in place by following the arrows on the floor.

Thank you all for your continued support.