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Next week - Online Learning Wellbeing Week

Dear parents/carers,


As a result of our quick return to the curriculum back in September and the online learning this half term being planned against the curriculum skills our children need to be taught. We are in a very strong position in terms of what the children have received to date this academic year and know which skills we will need to plan additional time for on the return to school.


Our children, our staff and yourselves have been nothing short of fantastic these past 5 weeks during the online learning and throughout the Autumn Term when in school. 


In our meetings this week, staff picked up on how the increased screen time is impacting them in terms of feeling fatigued and living less active lifestyles. As a result, we will be focusing next week on wellbeing activities with the children, creating the time in the week to try and be active every day and setting projects where the children can control their learning and the teachers will support and guide their ideas. As a result, there will be less live lessons next week and more of a focus on Q&A sessions with the teachers about the projects and activities the children completing. 


We recommend we all take this opportunity to be active, to get outside (adhering to current restrictions in place) and take some time to focus on our mental and physical wellbeing.


The teachers have informed the children towards the end of this week of the arrangements for the next week.

Thank you for the effort you have put in to date. We are nearly there to the half term break, where we will see Foundation Phase return to school after and hopefully not long after, where we will welcome back Key Stage 2.


Enjoy the weekend all.