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Nursery and Reception Class Update

Dear Parents/Carers of Nursery and Reception Class,


You will see in the recent parent/carer pack sent out that Nursery and Reception have been combined in the staffing structure.


From September we will be merging our Nursery and Reception class as one based in the current Nursery class, as well as the adjoining class. This has been redesigned and re-decorated to make one very large classroom to accommodate both year groups.


Mrs Dawson, our Deputy Headteacher, will lead the class from September with a number of support staff working with her. Mrs Dawson has experience of leading an Early Years provision like this in her previous school of up to 100 pupils. We will be at 30 in September and anticipate this number growing to approximately 65 by the end of the academic year.


We have made this decision for a number of reasons. Primarily, we feel it will have a positive impact on each and every pupils start to education at Bryn school and give them the very best start to their school life and a excellent foundation to build on as they move up through the school. The key reasons we believe this are as follows:


1. Pupils will have the consistency of the same teacher and learning environment for the first two years of their education.

2. This will lead to consistency in their assessments and ensure we understand each and every child, their strengths and areas to develop to a very fine detail before they move into Year 1. 

3. We find that transition from Nursery to the Reception class can be difficult for some pupils still only being 4 or 5 years of age, this will limit those anxieties and we will work on building confidence in readiness for when they transition to Year 1 at the end of Reception.

4.The differentiation for pupils will not be affected as they will move through the areas developing their skills through activities being effectively differentiated, meaning we can support our pupils who require additional help, as well as ensuring we challenge all pupils in their learning to make the best possible progress.


Usually, we would meet with you all to discuss this in person and invite you into the class to see the changes and create opportunities for you to ask questions. We still plan to do this but this will likely be in September once we are able to invite parents and visitors back into the school environment. For September, Nursery and Reception pupils will enter the school via the Nursery playground at the staggered times listed in the parent pack.


We are very excited about this change, the classroom and playground are looking great and we can't wait to welcome back the pupils in September.


If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to email myself or Mrs Dawson. Otherwise, we will see you in September and inform you of when our open day to view the class and meet Mrs Dawson will take place.


Have a great summer.


Best Wishes,
Stephen Thomas