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Welsh Government Announcement - Return to schools

Dear parents/carers,


Following the announcement today that pupils could be returning to school on Monday 22nd Friday, I thought it worth writing to you to help manage expectations following this announcement.


We have been informed late this afternoon that this is indeed a consideration, however, no official announcement or decision will be taken until next Friday, 5th February. There are also a number of additional requirements of us we've been made aware of today that will affect the way in which pupils return to school, which I will need to consider, plan for and gain the views of staff, Governors and yourselves before the half term break.


I do not want to take away the hope that many of you will gain from today's announcement, I can guarantee you that it is our intention for pupils to return to Bryn as soon as we possibly can and when we know it will be safe for them and our team. However, I'm trying to manage expectations and make you aware that it will not be as simple as the announcement today may suggest and we are likely not to see all pupils return to school on Monday 22nd February. 


We will continue in the weeks leading to half term to provide online learning to our pupils. Our engagement is fantastic at the moment and you are a big part of that. We thank you for your support, our pupils for engaging regularly and as always, my team who are putting in a massive shift in at the moment to deliver this. The days and weeks currently feel as if they are rolling into one with the amount of work the team have in terms of preparation for the lessons, delivering the lessons, marking and feedback, calling families and the administrative work for other areas they lead across the school. Your kind messages have been a shining light for the staff in this tough time and I know inspired them to keep going for our children. You have been fully understanding of the pressure at the moment and fully supportive of us. Thank you.


Over the coming days now, we will review our strategic plans for the return as we have been preparing well in advance for this exciting time of our pupils returning to school and make adjustments based on the requirements that have been placed on us today. Once we have finalized this, we will share with you as soon as possible to ensure you are fully up to date on what is happening.


Enjoy your weekend and we look forward to seeing the children again on Monday online!


Mr S Thomas,