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ALN - Additional Learning Needs

Ysgol Y Bryn Additional Learning Needs Provision 

At Ysgol Y Bryn we ensure that our curriculum and provision is accessible and achievable for all. Our school takes into account the new Additional Learning Needs Code of Practice in line with Carmarthenshire County Council. 

Our children’s needs are identified quickly and accurately and through working with the children, parents and external agencies in a Person Centred Approach, we agree on a plan forward to support and meet every child’s additional needs as early as possible. We have significant Universal and Additional Learning Provision available to support our pupils needs.

All pupils in our school have a One Page Profile to ensure we know their interests, their talents, how best to support them and know what is important to each of our children. Pupils accessing our Additional Learning Provision will have an Individual Development Plan created between school, the child, parents/carers and external agencies if required. This will be reviewed regularly to monitor progress, be amended in line with any changes and ensure support in place remains relevant. In a very few instances, pupils may need to proceed further to a statutory assessment.

Our children with additional needs are always encouraged to be fully involved within their whole class environment and when necessary will be supported to work as part of small groups to provide the additional support required. Activities use multi-sensory techniques where appropriate and a range of practical resources to support children to work and access their curriculum independently. Our classroom environments all centre around learning spaces that are inclusive, communication friendly and allow for independence to ensure all children can access learning opportunities and the curriculum.

The schools’ ALNCo (Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator) overseas all additional provision and intervention.  It is also important that there is close liaisons between our Teachers, Teaching Assistants, parents and carers when creating, monitoring and reviewing individual targets.

Our ALNCo works in close partnership with the Educational Psychology Service and Integrated Support Services, e.g. Visual Impairment, Hearing Impairment, Speech and Language Specialists and Behavioural Support staff.

Our More Able and Talented children are identified in specific subject areas and their needs and talents are met through learning experiences that challenge their thinking and provide extra-curricular activities that allow them to showcase their talents. Examples include performing at concerts and productions, taking part in Maths club or the Reading Café and taking part in tournaments in various sports in Carmarthenshire and wider on occasions.


A number of intervention programmes are managed by our dedicated team at Ysgol Y Bryn. The very effective ‘Talkabout’, ‘Positive Play’ and ‘CHaTT’ sessions support our children in developing social and communication skills, whilst also providing our learners opportunities to explore their feelings and emotions about situations or changes in their lives that they need support in managing. These groups are planned and delivered to support the health and well-being of our children and as well as developing the skills mentioned, they are integral in rising self-esteem and confidence and support for developing speech and language skills.

At Ysgol Y Bryn we are committed to providing the best education possible for all of our children. Each and every child is unique and learns at a different pace.  We are committed to removing barriers and providing positive experiences in order for our pupils with Additional Learning Needs to succeed, thrive and shine. 

Our provision mapping sets out the opportunities and support available to each and every pupil at Ysgol Y Bryn by providing the support needed in order for our pupils to make progress in their education and lives.

Pupil Provision Mapping

Area of concern

Universal Provision (each and every pupil)

Targeted Support

Personalised Individualised Learning

Cognition and Learning


  • One Page Profiles for every pupil
  • Teaching Assistants provide support and promote independence
  • Time to talk things through with a Talk Partner before feeding back to class
  • Assessment for learning strategies helping pupils to reflect on their learning
  • Guided and individual reading for decoding and comprehension
  • Access to ICT resources and programmes to support learning.
  • Writing frames or alternatives to written recording when writing is not the primary objective
  • J2blast, computer programmes


  • Spelling groups
  • Numicon
  • Success criteria
  • Phonics
  • High frequency word games
  • Maths games





  • Access to outside agency support and guidance: Communication Forum
  • Educational  Psychologist
  • Speech and Language
  • Behaviour Support
  • Team Around the Family (TAF)




Communication and Interaction


  • One Page Profiles
  • Clear and simple instructions
  • Structured school and class routines
  • Extra time to process what has been said
  • Modelling of correct sentence usage
  • Time to talk things through with a Talk Partner before feeding back to class
  • Broad range of sentence activities, e.g. description, news telling
  • Visual prompting and clues– timetable, instructions
  • Clear rewards and sanctions– including motivators
  • Calm learning environment
  • Circle time / Jigsaw lessons


  • CHATT groups
  • Talkabout
  • Positive Play





  • Access to outside agency support and guidance:
  • Communication Forum
  •  Educational Psychologist
  •  Speech and Language
  •  Behaviour Support
  • Team Around the Family (TAF)
  • Positive play




Social, Emotional and Behavioural needs


  • One Page Profiles
  • Positive Behaviour Policy
  • Restorative practice
  • Speakr (Daily pupil check in system
  • All adults are positive role-models
  • Circle time
  • Golden Tickets
  • Assemblies: celebration, pupil of the week, merit of the week, Golden ticket
  • Jigsaw curriculum and activities (PSE)
  • Positive language to re-direct and reinforce expectations e.g. others as role models
  • Positive Environment
  • Visual timetable
  • Community Police Support lessons


  • Jigsaw (PSE)
  • Restorative practice
  • Talkabout
  • Positive Play
  • Staff dedicated to checking in and out






  • Home school link book
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Behaviour Support
  • Team Around the Family (TAF)
  • Area 43 (pupil counselling service)


Sensory and/ or Physical needs.


  • One Page Profiles
  • 30 x 5 (30 minutes of daily exercise)
  • Quality/bespoke resources that are clear and easy to use/read
  • Use of whiteboards
  • Use of ICT


  • Individual support