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Sun Safe Schools

We follow the guidelines of Sun Safe Schools encouraging parents and carers to apply and provide their children with a long lasting, high factor sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses during the hot summer months.  Staff also educate pupils on sun safety and improve their understanding to sit in the shade on a warm day.   On very warm days, staff encourage that plenty of water is drunk with the option of staying in the cool on the classroom or in sheltered and cool areas of the school.  If you would like further information, a copy of the Sun Safe Schools information booklet is available.  Further information can be found using


At Ysgol Y Bryn, we take sun safety very seriously, and ensure that we safeguard children during hot weather by taking the following steps.

  • At the start of the summer term, we send letters home to parents asking children to bring in their own sun cream, clearly labelled with their name on it.
  • Parents are asked to send children to school in t-shirts/polo shirts that cover their shoulders and bring in a sun hat
  • Children are educated about keeping safe in the sun – Powerpoint information shared with pupils
  • Parents are encouraged to apply suncream before school.
  • All labelled sun creams are stored in a safe space in the classroom
  • Children are reminded to re-apply their sun cream before going outdoors at lunchtime. 
  • Plenty of shade is provided during play times and outdoor learning sessions.
  • All staff are mindful of high UV levels and that suncream and protection is also needed during cloudy days
  • During lunchtime pupils are encouraged to use the shaded areas of the school
  • During lunchtime pupils can have the option to stay in a designated, supervised classroom if they choose to.
  • In instances when the weather becomes increasingly warm, activities will be completed in the cool of the classroom.
  • Children will not be allowed to play outside in the sun for prolonged periods without shade.
  • During outdoor events such as Sports Day, every class will have a gazebo to provide plenty of shade.
  • Children have their own water bottle that is labelled with their name.
  • All staff will be responsible for ensuring that water bottles are always adequately full (water).
  • All staff will be responsible for ensuring that every child in their class is drinking water often.
  • Outdoor learning sessions are preferably planned to avoid the hottest parts of the day.
  • Pupils are allowed to wear sunglasses to school during the summer months.
  • Staff should be good role models for sun safety by dressing appropriately, wearing sun hats and sunglasses and regularly apply sun cream.
  • Staff are not permitted to apply sun cream to children, we encourage parents to model how to apply suncream sensibly.
  • In both Nursery and Reception classes, teachers will use a ‘mirroring’ strategy to demonstrate how apply their sun cream – Staff will demonstrate how to apply the sun cream and children will copy. The teachers and teaching assistants will ensure that all children have plenty of sun cream on throughout the day.
  • Year 1 and 2 have outdoor sun stations where they can apply their suncream and be observed by a member of staff



  • All teachers and staff are made aware of the Sun Protection Policy and the importance of sun safety, especially in the summer months.
  • The Foundation Phase Children listen to the Sun Safe story George the Sun Superstar and both Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 discuss the 5 Sun Safety Rules:

Slip on a top, Slop on Suncream, Slap on a hat, Seek shade, Slide on Sunglasses

  • The School Council annually ask children to create Sun Safety posters to display around the school to raise awareness.
  • Sun protection is actively promoted to pupils in other ways at significant points of the school year including before and during summer and prior to summer holidays (e.g. assemblies, workshops, talks)
  • Parents are informed of the importance of sun protection through information sent home in a letter informing them of the sun protection policy.
  • We will aim to include the dangers of sunbed use, when discussing sun safety with classes during assemblies/class time.



  • Sun safety will be the responsibility of all members of staff in the school. Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Lunchtime Supervisors and volunteers will be made aware of the Sun Protection Policy and encouraged to read it for guidance.  Our Policy is available to view on our website.