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Ysgol Y Bryn Curriculum

Our curriculum is carefully designed around the voices and interests of the pupils and promotes and teaches equality of opportunity and broadens our children’s understanding of respect for all, irrespective of race, gender, ability or religion.

Our vision 'believe to achieve' ensures that as a school we provide a vast range of educational activities and real-life learning experiences that will enable our pupils to develop into healthy, confident, ambitious, creative and ethical citizens.  Our pupils aspire to be responsible global citizens who will make a positive contribution to their community and wider society.   Our pupils are confident and resilient and welcome challenges as an opportunity to learn, develop new skills and grow as individuals.  

When planning and organising learning experiences, consideration is always given to how we teach and why we teach.  Our curriculum is centred around well-being, real-life experiences, technology, creativity, bilingualism, the arts and opportunities for sport and team games.  Our school values are central to our curriculum and this can also be seen through the partnership between home, school and community.  Our learning offer is inclusive and this is achieved by ensuring that the four purposes are at the heart of everything we do each day.   

At Ysgol Y Bryn our pupils are proud to be Welsh, they have a secure understanding and appreciation for their Welsh heritage and culture and are knowledgeable about their community and its history.

Teaching and learning opportunities are planned together around the four purposes.  Our pupils have created characters to help deliver an exciting, pupil-facilitated curriculum that is fun, engaging and inspiring.


  • Ambitious Capable Learners  - Anwen the Ant
  • Enterprising Creative Contributors - Elgan the Eagle
  • Ethical Informed Citizens  - Ellie the Elephant
  • Healthy Confident Individuals - Huw the Horse

Our pupils strive and aspire to become:

  • ambitious, capable learners, ready to learn throughout their lives
  • enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play a full part in life and work
  • ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world
  • healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society.


Areas of learning and experience

Our curriculum is organised around six areas of learning and experience which are:

Each of the areas of learning and experience has been designed to support learners to realise the four purposes of the curriculum.


Foundation Phase

At Ysgol Y Bryn, Personal and Social Development is placed at the heart of the Curriculum. Our pupils are encouraged to be independent, confident and resilient learners who are keen to embrace new experiences and opportunities. Our indoor and outdoor environments are resourced and organised to reflect all learning areas of the Foundation Phase Curriculum.

Our outdoor areas are defined into 5 engaging learning zones; Physical and Active, Natural, Challenge and Investigation, Creative and Dramatic, Social and Reflective. These areas encourage excitement, enthusiasm, a sense of wonder and encourage children to take measured risks and try something new. Our pupils are encouraged to work both independently and in collaboration with their peers through carefully planned opportunities that challenge their approach, their thinking and the execution of tasks.

The Foundation Phase Curriculum is driven by the teaching of skills and these skills are generally taught as a focus or guided task. Once pupils learn a new skill, an activity is then put into the provision where the children access a ‘Pili Pala’ challenge. Pupils are then encouraged to apply these previously learnt skills to complete a similar task independently. Over the course of the week, pupils will collect a number of coloured lollipop sticks that they are awarded in each of the learning areas. These lollipop sticks represent the wings of the Pili Pala (Butterfly). When all challenges are visited the Pili Pala is then complete.

Great importance is placed upon pupil voice opportunities where our pupils are encouraged to guide and plan their own learning where the teacher acts as the facilitator. Topic ideas are shared, giving the pupils opportunities to discuss what they want to learn or find out about.

Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2, our pupils continue their journey through more complex and challenging learning opportunities. As with Foundation Phase, these skills are then applied through engaging, challenging and relevant topics in the afternoons where our pupils are encouraged to apply their understanding and knowledge in literacy and numeracy across a number of cross- curricular areas.

These afternoon sessions are called ‘Amser Chili’ where Pupil Voice plays an integral role in the pupils planning their learning based on the skills they need to learn. Our pupils consider topics and discuss their ideas collaboratively where they take an active part in planning future learning opportunities and experiences at the beginning of each half term. At the end of each topic, an experience day is organised to celebrate what has been learnt with a focus on favourite aspects.

Within Amser Chili, the pupils are encouraged to select an activity at an appropriate challenge, for example, Amser Chili 1, 2 or 3. These sessions encourage our Key Stage 2 pupils to be confident, independent, resilient and self-directed by applying previous learnt skills across different areas of the Curriculum. It also ensures our pupils are engaged further, feel valued and take ownership of their learning.

                                                                  Cartoon Star Stock Illustrations – 340,571 Cartoon Star Stock  Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

Bryn's Got Talent (BGT)

Our curriculum at Ysgol Y Bryn is carefully mapped to ensure that sufficient time and experience is given to the four purposes and areas of learning and experience.  Pupils work in collaboration with staff to explore a new theme/big question every half term.   Through challenge, enquiry and problem solving, our pupils learn to apply their newly acquired skills by combining a range of subjects/discplines.  As a celebration of their hard work and achievements, pupils present their work to the class, the whole school and to our parents and carers through open afternoons showcasing their projects.

Our pupils are encouraged to celebrate their own and others talents and achievements; they recognise their individual strengths.  They are encouraged to play an active role in their learning process, empowering them to participate in all aspects of school life.


Languages, Literacy and Communication Area of Learning and Experience 

The Languages, Literacy and Communication Area of Learning and Experience addresses fundamental aspects of human communication. It aims to support learning across the whole curriculum and to enable learners to gain knowledge and skills in Welsh, English and international languages as well as in literature.

We believe that speaking, listening, reading and writing are an integral part of our Curriculum at Ysgol Y Bryn, giving our children the fundamental skills to be able to connect and communicate effectively with people, places and in their communities.

The language skills that we teach our pupils start in the Early Years with daily rhymes, stories, poems and songs. Pupils are very quickly introduced to initial sounds where they continue to develop phonological awareness through songs, games, emergent mark making.

Opportunities which progress into forming letters correctly and developing their ability to write sentences learning about spelling, punctuation and grammar by the time they leave Year 2. The children’s speaking, listening, reading and writing skills are expanded further by teaching progressive comprehensive units of work from Nursery to Year 6 where they explore writing through a variety of contexts – instructions, recounts, discussions, persuasion and explanation text and a variety of fictional story genres and poetry. 

In Key Stage 2, language, literacy and communication skills concentrate on refining the earlier skills developed in the Foundation Phase. Our pupils become confident and creative writers who are equipped with language skills that help them to empathise, explore ideas and collaborate with others through a variety of creative and rich learning opportunities.

The literary experiences offered to our children aim to spark imagination and creativity and help to build a lifelong love of literature.

We following the Oxford Reading Tree scheme where all pupils have access to the online reading platform, Reading Buddy that can be accessed at home and in school.

Our children at Ysgol Y Bryn take great pride in their own cultural identity and heritage as Welsh citizens. We strive to teach our children a variety of Welsh songs, rhymes, poems and stories as well as develop their repertoire of language patterns and ability to use conversational Welsh confidently amongst their peers and the adults that work with them.

Our Curriculum also teaches about our local community, wider Wales, its heritage and traditions through Cwricwlwm Cymreig helping to preserve and develop our children’s appreciation of the Welsh language.

Our annual Eisteddfod celebrations reinforce the importance of our Welsh traditions where pupils look forward and take an active part in songs, recitals, storytelling, music, dance and a variety of crafts centred around Wales.


Mathematics and Numeracy Area of Learning and Experience 

The development of mathematics has always gone hand in hand with the development of civilisation itself. A truly international discipline, it surrounds us and underpins so many aspects of our daily lives, such as architecture, art, music, money and engineering. And while it is creative and beautiful, both in its own right and in its applications, it is also essential for progress in other areas of learning and experience.

The teaching of mathematical skills are taught at Ysgol Y Bryn through rich, engaging and exciting activities that allow our pupils to master a particular mathematical skill and to see connections and relationships. Pupils will learn through practical and visual activities where they understand specific skills before then formally recording their work using the strategies taught. Once our pupils have a sound understanding of the skills, they will be given opportunities to apply these skills in everyday contexts across the curriculum and use their skills to solve problems in real-life contexts. An emphasis is placed on building mathematical resilience and confidence throughout their journey in the school.

Our curriculum supports many ‘play-based’ experiences in the Early Years and Foundation Phase where pupils are encouraged to solve problems, develop resilience, discuss choices, explore ideas and where they begin to see relationships and investigate concepts. We create a culture in the opportunities provided where our children feel secure and confident enough to make mistakes through trial and error. In the later primary years, our pupils build on these early mathematical foundations that equip them to work both independently and collaboratively. They also have the ability and confidence to apply their knowledge and understanding, develop strategic competence, make logical choices and overcome challenges.


Science and Technology Area of Learning and Experience 

The importance of science and technology in our modern world cannot be overstated. Developments in these areas have always been drivers of change in society, underpinning innovation and impacting on everyone’s lives economically, culturally and environmentally. As such, the Science and Technology Area of Learning and Experience (Area) will be increasingly relevant in the opportunities young people encounter and the life choices that they make.

Empowering our pupils to become digitally literate, numerate and technologically able to work effectively in an ever-changing Twenty-first Century is a shared belief amongst our school community. Crucially, as technology develops and increased social media platforms continue to be developed, we strive to create digital citizens who learn to make positive contributions and understand how to make positive decisions in relation to their online activity.

We are well resourced in the technology we have available for our learners, which allows us to ensure our pupils all have the opportunities to learn new skills in ICT and use these skills to enhance their learning. Every class has the benefit of an Interactive Whiteboard, I-Pads, Chrome books and additional technologies to support our digital curriculum

In their time at Ysgol Y Bryn school, our pupils will be confident in taking images, recordings, videos and how to operate various devices. They will be confident in producing work using Microsoft Office 365 tools, among many others tools available to us. Pupils will develop their modelling skills through working confidently with Spreadsheets and Databases and they will be able to develop an excellent understanding of coding through using a wide range of devices. Pupils will also experience opportunities to use Virtual Reality to support their learning.

ICT and Digital Competence experiences and initiatives are promoted by the pupils who have been voted by their peers to represent our Digital Wizards group. Each class has a well- equipped ‘Computer Cwtch’ where children can independently access devices and digital equipment to enhance and aid learning. Our ‘Digi Den’ classroom houses additional equipment to support our pupils helping them to successfully learn and adapt to an ever- changing digital world. Our Multimedia ‘Digi Den’ classroom houses a large scale green screen, animation booths with animation resources, coding equipment, Bee-bots, Pro-bots and ‘Sphero’ to support programming tasks and a 3D printer to bring their creations to life.

Pupils at Ysgol Y Bryn experience a number of learning opportunities that require them to explore scientific concepts and investigations.  Pupils also experience opportunities for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


Health and Well-Being Area of Learning and Experience 

The Health and Well-being Area of Learning and Experience (Area) provides a holistic structure for understanding health and well-being. It is concerned with developing the capacity of learners to navigate life's opportunities and challenges. The fundamental components of this Area are physical health and development, mental health, and emotional and social well-being. It will support learners to understand and appreciate how the different components of health and well-being are interconnected, and it recognises that good health and well-being are important to enable successful learning.

Our pupil's physical health & development, as well as their emotional and social well being are at the heart of everything we do at Ysgol Y Bryn. As a school we recognise that good health and well-being are important to developing successful learners and achievement.   As well as our pupils, it is essential that our staff's well-being is also recognised and supported.  Staff opportunities include lunchtime buffets, hot chocolate, quiz and cinema nights.

As a school we strive to support our pupils in learning how to emphasise, make decisions, show respect and understand equality for all. Our pupils are taught to manage risks, develop resilience and perseverance, express ideas and understand their emotions through the activity and environment created for their physical development.


All of our pupils take part in our ‘30 x 5’ (30 minutes, 5 times a week) initiative, taking part in physical exercise experiences including yoga, ball skills, circuits, adventurous games, various team games, boxing, gymnastics and creative dance. As a school we aim to provide opportunities for all pupils to enjoy sport and develop a wide range of skills enabling them to actively participate confidently in different sports. The school addresses the National Curriculum requirements for PE through this approach, ensuring gymnastics, dance, games, athletics and outdoor adventurous activities are planned for and delivered.

Our outdoor environment has been developed to further ensure it promotes physical and active play daily for our pupils. Pupils benefit from a traversing wall, adventure trail, obstacle course, exercise equipment station, large scale climbing frame and pirate ship, bikes, trikes and scooters.  This ensures the pupils have daily opportunities to be physically active, developing their strength, balance and coordination whilst developing social skills within their friendship groups. Pupils also have daily access to a football pitch, netball court, badminton nets and playground games.

Throughout the day, pupils have opportunities to practise regulation, mindful with support from their class teacher.  Each classroom also has a welcoming 'cwtch calm' that pupils can access at any point of the day if they need a moment to reflect, be still or be calm.  Each classroom area has a number of resources to support their needs including fidget boxes, sensory lights, lava lamps books and textured materials.  


Humanities Area of Learning and Experience 

The Humanities Area of Learning and Experience (Area) seeks to awaken a sense of wonder, fire the imagination and inspire learners to grow in knowledge, understanding and wisdom. This Area encourages learners to engage with the most important issues facing humanity, including sustainability and social change, and help to develop the skills necessary to interpret and articulate the past and the present.

Learning to appreciate and understand different cultures and traditions is an important skill that teaches our children to empathise and recognise that as citizens of Wales, we live in a diverse society that should be celebrated and embraced.  Our pupils learn to reflect upon the impact of their actions and those of others, and how such actions are influenced by interpretations of human rights, values, ethics, philosophies, religious and non-religious views.

As a school we meet in whole school assemblies to take part in sessions that reflect on our core values as a school and to learn the understanding of each of our values and how we can display these in our daily actions. Through stories and activities linked to the Bible, considering the moral purpose of the story and relating this back to our values as a school.  Pupils also take part in periods of collective worship along with their class teacher throughout the week

As well as learning about Christmas, St David’s Day and Easter at Ysgol Y Bryn, our pupils are taught about other religions around the World including Sikhism, Judaism, Buddhism and Muslim beliefs, customs, tradition and artefacts. Through carefully planned experiences, our pupils are encouraged to question and consider the spiritual, moral, cultural and social aspects of religions. They are taught to understand other religions and cultures, make comparisons against their own, learn to accept and embrace difference in our society and the world around us.

Humanities is central to learners becoming ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world.  Learning opportunities help our pupils to discover their heritage and develop a sense of place and cynefin. It can also promotes an understanding of how the people of Wales, its communities, history, culture, natural environment and landscape, resources and industries, interrelate with the rest of the world.

As our pupils explore their locality and Wales, as well as the wider world, they learn to establish a solid base of knowledge and understanding of geographical, historical, religious, non-religious, business and social studies concepts. These experiences, in and outside the classroom, will help our pupils to become ambitious, capable learners, ready to learn throughout their lives.


Expressive Arts Area of Learning and Experience 

The dynamic nature of the expressive arts can engage, motivate and encourage learners to develop their creative, artistic and performance skills to the full.

The Expressive Arts Area of Learning and Experience (Area) spans five disciplines: art, dance, drama, film and digital media and music. Although each discipline has its own discrete body of knowledge and body of skills, it is recognised that together they share the creative process.

At Ysgol Y Bryn we believe that to support and nurture our pupil'sself-esteem, resilience and well-being there is no better way than for pupils to express themselves freely. At Ysgol Y Bryn we strive to create opportunities through art, dance, drama, music, film and digital media where experiences are carefully planned with the pupil's interests at the heart. Activities support current issues and relevant themes helping to motivate and encourage our pupils to fulfil their creative personalities, interests and talents.

Opportunities are also created for our pupils to explore cultures around the world, traditions, people and creativity through the ages. Our pupils are able to use this learning to perform in our Christmas productions, whole school performances and Leavers productions.


Educational Visits

The school aims to provide a variety of first-hand experiences for the children. Therefore visits/trips are frequently undertaken in order to enrich their understanding and knowledge of the topic they are learning.

We believe in making full use of  pupils interests by providing rich, first hand experiences, which act as a stimulus to learning and actively involve pupils in such a way that what they learn becomes truly a part of them.


Celebrating Together

During our weekly celebration assemblies, certificates are presented to our pupils who are nominated for ‘Seren Y Wythnos’ and ‘Merit of the Week’ award. Seren Y Wythnos is awarded to those pupil who endeavour to show our core values that are at the heart of our school ethos. Recipients of this certificate are invited to Hot Chocolate with the Head the following week.

Our Merit of the Week award is for pupils who have displayed an excellent work ethic, qualities of a good friend, tried their very best or have made an effort in a particular area.

Throughout the week in classes, children try their very best to gain ‘golden tickets’ for achievements, acts of kindness and attitudes to learning. These are randomly selected each week with an educational prize awarded for their efforts.

Our School Council plays an active role in promoting good attendance in both Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2. Classes who endeavour to improve their class’ weekly attendance percentages over a two week period, receive a prize/treat from the ‘Golden Bucket of Goodness’ . Treats and prizes can range from extra play or hot chocolate for the class, to an afternoon of cooking or art and crafts to name but a few.

To promote the use of the Welsh Language, a weekly ‘Seren Gymraeg Yr Wythnos’ certificate is awarded to children who use Welsh language patterns and use conversational Welsh independently and incidentally.

Attendance is a weekly focus in supporting our school curriculum, with pupils, staff and their families working together to improve punctuality and attendance.  Improved attendance is celebrated each week in class.  At the end of every half-term, awards are given to celebrate our pupils that have '100% attendance', 'Hit the target of 95%' and 'Impressive Improvement'.  


Equal Opportunities

Ysgol Y Bryn is committed to developing an understanding and appreciation for race ethnicity, gender, fairness and respect for all, promoting positive approaches to difference and fostering respect for people of all cultural backgrounds. As a school we recognise that Wales and the UK have diverse societies made up of people from many different racial, cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds and welcome everyone to be a part of our school.

Ensuring disability equality is of utmost importance to us and we promise to work over and above to ensure all pupils at Ysgol Y Bryn has access to all areas of the school site and all activities carried out inside and outside of the school. Our lessons, activities and experiences provided are always adapted to ensure inclusivity and equality for all ensuring inclusion for all. The school works towards an accessibility plan where it evaluates and plans annually how we can improve the environment and provision we provide to ensure our disabled learners gain the very best learning opportunities.

Our school is designed to ensure access to all with the design of wide doors and corridors and two lifts to provide access to both levels of the school. Every classroom has direct and flat access to the outside areas allow all children in Ysgol Y Bryn to benefit from the environment and equipment provided, with ramps outside to help pupils and visitors access all outdoor play areas.




At Ysgol Y Bryn our teachers assess pupil's learning through both formative and summative assessment methods.  Teachers use their judgements alongside termly tests to measure pupil attainment and progress. All pupils from Year 2 to Year 6 undertake assessments in spelling, reading and maths.  

Our pupils in Nursery and Reception complete entry assessments within the first 6 weeks.

The PASS survey (Pupil Attitudes to School and Self) is carried out each term in Years 3,4,5 and 6.  This survey helps staff to understand our pupil's mindset towards school, if they are confident, ready and motivated to learn.  Adjustments to teaching and learning can then be made accordingly to support all with pupils playing an active role.

We follow Letters and Sounds to develop the acquisition of phonics and developing the skills of reading.  Our pupils in Foundation Phase are taught phonics daily.  Assessments to measure progress are carried out each term.